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 Cox has developed feature-rich products since the start of our operations. By leveraging our deep expertise in product development, we enable to achieve high-quality products. If you feel like being co-creation partner with us, just contact with us as we are positive to accommodate any kind of client’s request.

≫Solar Energy Products

  Sin Marker(Solar Powered Warning Light)>

      ✓With IR Transmitter & Receiver

      ✓Useful for Guide Light, Warning Light, Illumination etc.

      ✓Several Lighting Modes are Available

      ✓Eco-Friendly Solar Batter

      ✓Made in JAPAN 

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Roadway Marker(Solar Powered Warning Light)>

   ✓Adaptable to Any Type of Roads

   ✓Wide-Beam & Superior Brightness

   ✓Outstanding Durability

   ✓Easy to Install

   ✓Weatherproof Construction


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Pavement Light(Solar Powered Warning Light)>

   ✓Versatile Light for Road Safety

   ✓Variety of Colors

   ✓Outstanding Durability & Superior Visibility

   ✓Weatherproof Construction

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Stand-Alone Solar Powered Device>   

 ✓Environmentally Conscious

 ✓Multipurpose Usage

 ✓Quick Worker

 ✓Good Energy Saving

 Notes:This product is built to order


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