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COX Co., Ltd. is a technology company that was founded in 1987 and has created many intelligent R&D products ever with the aim of having unique development. Our achievements of holding to uncompromising standards have gained the great praise from each client and that’s why we have long term relationships with our business partners. Also our young staffs are giving COX the free spirit to eagerly pursue new ideas and participate in interesting projects, and we believe our quality products come from this challenging atmosphere.

Now introducing our keyword "3S" which we consider as the most important principle for our projects, 3S for Senior (old persons), School (children) and Security (safety) . We think much of supporting those people who belong to as rather socially vulnerable groups to have more safety life through our idea of electronic technology. While acceding to a demanding request from a wide range of people, we as promising performers will keep creating valuable technology works for years ahead.

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