Business Partnership≫

   COX has technical knowledge in designing, developing and maintaining new products releases with its years of experience as a product development company. Acting as your technology strategist, product engineering and co-creation partner, COX's expert teams can help you design new technologies and product concepts. Leverage COX’s expertise to seize market opportunity.

Services Offered:

>Business analysis & market testing

>User experience design

>Technical support (Hardware & Software)

>Prototyping & data collection

>Component procurement(from overseas)

>installation of production lines(Japan/Taiwan/China/Korea)

>Design of testing equipment & auto production machine

>Attendance of project briefing (40,000yen/ea + Transportation Cost should be charged)


Technical Consultant≫

   By utilizing the unique capacity and technical knowledge captured from our talents, COX has the resources to deploy your product. Please ask us about contract detail.



 営業時間 9:00am-6:00pm